Thursday, May 19, 2011

Summer Break!

Hello everybody! Yes, we're still alive.
Tomorrow is Jacob's last day of his credential program! He will be able to teach secondary science. He is going to take the Physics CSET and if he passes then he will be able to teach that as well. He has put so much work into these past three semesters, I am so proud of and grateful for him. This past month he was able to take over as a long-term sub for one of the teachers in his department at school, so that was really nice to get paid for a portion of his time. But we look forward to when he has a job, which will (hopefully!) be this next fall. He will be applying for jobs all around the Sacramento/Elk Grove area. We really love the Sacramento area and most of our family is around here, so we hope to settle here.

Lately I have been working as a substitute teacher, 2-4 days a week, and the event specialist job (passing out samples & selling product) a couple Saturdays a month. Nick has been going to an in-home child care place in EG twice a week, and he has really enjoyed that. It has been good for him to get some time to be with peers and he really likes his caretaker (sounds weird to call her that, I just don't want to put specific names on here...). And he spent Thursdays with Grammy and Papa. He loves going over there, he talks about Papa a lot and now he calls Grammy "Mart-ma", which is what he calls his grandmas and grandpas.It has been a busy semester, and we're looking forward to a break and having Daddy around more.

I am training for a half marathon! On my little boy's 2nd birthday, July 16th, I'll run the Davis Moo-nlight half marathon, in the evening. We'll probably have a lunch party for Nick that day and I'll head up later on to do my thing. I doubt Jacob and Nick will come; that's a bit too late for my little guy to be out. I have been wanting to run a half for a very long time, but haven't been consistent enough in my running. So I'm finally doing it, and I can't wait. I ran 6 1/2 miles yesterday, and I'm pretty sore from that, but I think 2 more months will be sufficient time to get ready.

And next week we're going CAMPING!!! Camping with the Pierces is always a ton of fun, plus this year Nick is going to be able to enjoy it even more. We fully anticipate having a very happy boy while camping; he is going to be in his element :) I hadn't ever been to New Brighton Beach until I started dating Jacob, and it is my kind of camping! It's not just camping; it has the beach just a short walk away, Santa Cruz beach boardwalk like a mile away along with the wharf, it's close to town so you can get supplies pretty quick and go to the movies, plus it has showers, which is always a plus :) It's the ultimate camping vacation.

So we are alive and well. We are trying to soak up each day with our little boy. He is getting so big so fast. I'll do an update on our sweet baby shortly!