Friday, November 4, 2011

So sleepy...

Nick has always been notorious for not falling asleep anywhere except in his crib. As a baby he would rarely fall asleep at other people's houses, and he almost never slept in church. This was often frustrating for me and Jacob, but lately some of that has been changing. I want to post what he did today, it was so cute...

Earlier today I had been trying to put Nick down for a nap because he was acting sleepy. He refused so I continued doing what I needed to do.

I was upstairs doing something in my room and Nick decided to go downstairs. I called down for him a couple of times and he would respond. But the third time, there was no response so I came down to see what he had gotten into, and I saw this...

Apparently he had changed his mind, gotten his pillow and blanket, but couldn't come upstairs because he had shut the gate. Instead of calling for help or crying, he just plopped down and went to sleep there!

What you can't see or smell in this picture is his very poopy diaper... but he slept right through his diaper change. I guess he has learned that sometimes when you're tired you just have to sleep, regardless of where you are.


Well this year Halloween was a lot of fun for the Pierce's. Nick was overjoyed that he got to be Batman, and that he got to wear his costume often weeks before Halloween. We were invited to a trunk-or-treat for a different ward, and we had a great time! Nick loved seeing Hailey and Abby and Noah there in their costumes, and he especially loved trunk-or-treating and getting all that candy. He had a good time playing with Jason in the cars too. Unfortunately... I didn't take any pictures :( Brought the camera but forgot all about it. I need to get better at that.

On Halloween day we went out to Grandma and Grandpa Pierce's house for trick-or-treating. Nick was a little bit shy with the people at their doors but he quietly said "trick-or-treat" and "thank you." It was funny because he wouldn't get close enough to them for them to be able to put the candy in his pumpkin. They would either toss it in or he would take it from them and put it in himself ;)But he really did have a good time. He loved to tell people he was Batman and show them some Batman combat moves and he enjoyed seeing and talking about all the other kids' cool costumes. When Nick was all done and ready to go back to "Matma's" house, he said, "That's fun! All done! Lets go home." It was very abrupt, and very cute. He went trick-or-treating with Grandpa Pierce, "Catwoman Kitty-Cat" (me), and Robin (Jacob). Here are a few pics I did take:

I hope everyone had a fun Halloween!