Monday, October 19, 2009

I am so bad at blogging!!!

Nicholas Jacob Pierce was born on the 16th of July at 1:16pm. He was 8 lbs 9 oz and 21" long.

He is now 3 months old, 16 lbs and about 25" long!

Such a happy boy :)

We have been enjoying bath times...

Nap times...

Lazy Sunday mornings...

Walks to the park...

Sleeping in the stroller...

And lots and lots of smiles.

More recently, Nick has been enjoying his teething ring...

Reading with Grandpa...

And his brand new froggy hat from Apple Hill.

These past few months have gone by quickly and have been so much fun. Jacob just finished a job that was temporary, but extremely helpful. He is applying for substitute teaching and has applied to Sac State's high school teaching credential program. We'll find out soon whether or not he was accepted.
I have recently begun to work out again! Just jogging, very slowly, so far, but I'll work my way up. I am feeling more and more normal each week.
Life is pretty good. We are healthy and happy and enjoying the California weather ;)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Time Flies...

So it has been an interesting last few months. Jake and I finished school!!! We did not walk, but celebrated on our own with friends. We were planning on staying in Provo through the summer and moving back to Cali after the baby was born so Jacob could start substitute teaching in the fall. However, about two weeks before the end of the semester we found out that since Jacob was graduating in April, he could not work for BYU custodial over the summer. This came as quite a shock and changed all our plans. Since we were coming back to CA in August, nobody would hire Jake for just a few months, not to mention companies were cutting back all over the place anyway. So after much thought and consideration we decided to come back to CA in May and get things going here. With the job market as it is, it has been some rough going trying to find a job here. So we are staying with Jacob's family until we are able to get a job, which hopefully will be the end of summer at the latest (cross your fingers). Surprising news: as of now we feel pretty good about Jacob becoming a cop! There's an application process that includes a bunch of tests over a few months, so he would likely not start the academy until December or January. We will still try for the substitute teaching in the fall, but we'll see how that goes since teachers are being laid off all over California. Jake and I are both taking he CBEST- the test required for all substitute teachers- this Saturday, and then we can start applying :)

Our Graduation Announcement

Moving pics. Leaving our first apartment :(

My best friend, Emily Pearson, threw me a baby shower before we left. It was a ton of fun with friends and family that were able to come! Emily made the Relief Society room look so nice with her creative decorations and delicious food! I wish I had taken more pics of the actual shower, but here are a few pre-shower pictures.


Jacob had his 25th birthday on Monday the 8th and since we are here in CA we got to celebrate with family! His sister, Stephanie, works at Round Table pizza and she got us a good deal there. I tried my hand at making a cake and decorating it. Jacob's mom is an experienced cake decorator and had a lot of awesome decorating tools. Had I given myself more time I could have been more creative, but it was fun nonetheless. Jacob got some nice gifts and had fun being able to celebrate with family.

As far as our little guy is concerned, things seem to be going really well. As of tomorrow I will be 36 weeks along! Before we know it, we'll have our baby with us. He is getting so heavy that I can no longer sleep lying down, even on my sides, because my stomach gets too squished and I become nauseous. So for the past couple of weeks I have been sleeping propped up on the couch. I have been lucky because Jacob's parents actually have very comfortable couches for sleeping on.

So that's pretty much it for now. Things have gone very differently than we had planned, but we are so blessed to be able to stay here with family. After being away at school for so long, it is very nice to be close to both of our families and be able to share this exciting time with them!

Friday, March 27, 2009

March Madness

So it's been a pretty busy month with school, but we're finishing out the semester and we can't wait to be DONE! The weather has really thrown me for a loop. I keep reminding myself that before we know it spring will decide to stick around, we'll be out of school, then summer will come and we'll have ourselves a baby :) Patience...

My birthday was earlier this month- the big 23! Jacob and I celebrated by going to Tucanos for lunch with my fancy free meal from the birthday club (LOVE it!).
On our way to Tucanos.

Then that weekend we went out to Cafe Rio with Brady and Val and had a get together with cake, ice cream, and Apples to Apples. We are so proud that we were able to fit 11 people in our front room! We did a little rearranging, and I don't think we could have fit one more person in here, but it worked.

Jacob bought me a copy of New Moon for my bday, and I couldn't get enough of it... again. While I should have been studying, I spent two days reading ;) I must say that reading it through the second time I liked it a lot better, and I'm kinda more rooting for Jacob than Edward (yeah, I know how it ends, I've read the books, but I like Jacob a lot more now). We got the Twilight movie the weekend it came out. I've seen it twice, and I really do like it. Although if I hadn't read the books already I don't think I would be that into it; I fill in a lot from the book. Those of you who have read other books-made-into-movies understand this. But this is actually the first time I have read a book-made-movie before it was a movie. Maybe I should have done a separate Twilight post...

Our little guy is moving all around in there! He gets stronger every day, and it's amazing to get to feel him all the time. Jacob is able to feel him a lot more now, and see him! I think it's crazy that sometimes I can see movements he makes, but not feel them. And recently he has been tickling me :) Yes, I am a ticklish person, but I don't think I've ever felt something like my uterus being tickled on the inside ;0 I can't believe how attached I already am to him. I can't wait to finally have him with us for good.

Signing out...

Friday, March 6, 2009

For Real This Time!

I decided it's about time I finally step it up and get this blog going! We are Jacob and Sarah Pierce. We have been married for almost two years and are expecting our first baby in July! It's a BOY!!! (We don't have any names picked out for sure yet, but we're currently playing around with Nolan Michael and Leon James.) We're both students at BYU in our last semester here. My major is Marriage, Family, and Human Development (MFHD) and Jacob is in Biology. We've been in Provo for a while and we plan to move back to CA after the baby is born--we can't wait!
Nothing extremely exciting has been going on except for baby planning and anticipation! And a lot of growing on my part...Here are some prego pics:

When we first found out at 5 weeks

Our little guy at 10 weeks :)

11 Weeks

15 weeks

19 weeks

20 weeks

And here are some more pics of our little guy!
20 1/2 weeks

So that's it for now, we'll keep you posted!